The Shain Group


GSA Advantage!
  • Lektro continues to team with Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) of Johnstown, PA to evaluate towbarless towing and battery powered vehicles. Six model AP8850SDA-M vehicles continue to be evaluated with varying types of aircraft under six different climatic environments. 
  • CTC is converting two model AP8850SDA-M, with a 120,000 pound towing capacity, and one Model AP8950SDA-M, with a 180,000 pound towing capacity, to hydrogen power.  When the conversions are complete, the tugs will be evaluated in operational environments.
  • Lektro’s model AP8950SDA-M continues to undergo evaluation of the towbarless concept on the C-130 at Robins AFB.

The Shain Group is proud members of

  • Army Aviation Association of America
  • Association of the US Army
  • Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association
  • Order of Daedaleans
  • Florida Air Trades Association
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Contractors Data Base
  • GSA Advantage
  • Veterans Business Directory

The Shain Group Attends the following conventions and can be located at the Lektro Booth

  • NBAA National Convention
  • East Coast NBAA Regional Conferences
  • AS3 Super Show
  • CBAA National Convention